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Chula Vista Employment Lawyers | Ceartas Legal LLP

Employment law attorneys at Ceartas Legal LLP, are dedicated to the representation of plaintiff employees in Chula Vista, throughout San Diego, and in all of Southern California. Our Chula Vista employment law lawyers have extensive experience preserving and protecting the rights of our clients in a wide range of employment law issues.

Have you experienced disability discrimination, workplace retaliation, or sexual harassment, or has your employer refused to pay overtime or a legal wage for the hours you’ve worked? Our Chula Vista employment attorneys Greg Klawitter and Timothy Keegan have the requisite knowledge and skills to achieve legal justice and compensation for your case.

Please call the employment law firm of Ceartas Legal and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your situation with an experienced Chula Vista employment law lawyer. Our office can be reached by calling (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120. During your initial consultation, our knowledgeable, caring Chula Vista employment law attorneys will answer your questions and thoroughly review your information before providing an honest analysis of your legal matter.

Ceartas Legal accepts employment law cases on a contingency fee basis. Our clients do not pay legal fees until our experienced employment lawyers secure a settlement or judgment on their behalf.

Chula Vista Employment Attorneys Represent Employees

Employment attorneys at Ceartas Legal handle many employment matters. Because our skilled Chula Vista employment law lawyers were formerly working as employer defense lawyers, we understand how the other side may deploy certain tactics.

As seasoned employment law attorneys and skilled negotiators, we first make all efforts to settle your legal matters. However, if the employer maintains an unwillingness to participate, our Chula Vista employment lawyers will not hesitate to take the case to court. We strive for our clients to attain the maximum compensation allowed for the suffering they’ve endured on the job.

Employment lawyers at Ceartas Legal offer representation to clients in a wide range of employment law issues, including the following.Chula Vista Disability Discrimination Attorney

Disability Discrimination Lawyers

By law, employers cannot use an individual’s mental or physical disability as the factor for any type of discrimination. In addition, the law requires an employer to make reasonable accommodations for disabled workers. As experienced disability discrimination attorneys and employment law lawyers, we protect disabled individuals, and we vigorously fight for justice and compensation for workers who’ve suffered disability discrimination.

Employer Retaliation Attorneys

Employers are prohibited from taking retaliatory actions towards employees who exert a legal right at work. Our Chula Vista employer retaliation lawyers represent clients who’ve suffered because of unlawful employer actions. Employees may not be punished for requesting a medical or family leave of absence, filing a Workers Compensation benefits claim for workplace injuries, taking a legal absence from work, reporting illegal employer activities, or participating in any investigation by a policing agency.

Family & Medical Leave Lawyers

Under qualifying circumstances, workers in California may be given time off work for medical or family-related reasons. By law, employers must grant permission in certain circumstances. If your employer has denied this right, contact our family and medical leave attorneys for experienced legal assistance. Your rights are guaranteed under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys

If you have experienced sexual harassment at work, our Chula Vista sexual harassment lawyers can fight for your rights and help you achieve justice. Employees in all industries have the legal right to a workplace that does not include sexual harassment. By law, sexual harassment can include a wide range of behavior, including the dissemination of explicit materials, unwelcome touching, spreading rumors and obscene remarks, demands of sexual favors, or retaliation for refusing to comply with such demands. If you are in this situation, contact the skilled sexual harassment lawyers at Ceartas Legal LLP. We zealously fight for justice!Chula Vista Wage and Overtime Attorney

Pay Dispute Attorney and Overtime Dispute Lawyers

If your employment dispute concerns unpaid overtime or wages, or if your job has been misclassified, or your employer has denied the appropriate meal periods or rest breaks, call our experienced Chula Vista overtime dispute attorneys and pay dispute lawyers. Our wage and hour attorneys can help you obtain the compensation due to you according to state and federal wage and hour laws.

Whistleblower Protection Attorneys

Whistleblower laws are designed to protect any employee from retaliation after reporting unlawful behavior in the workplace. As knowledgeable Chula Vista employment law attorneys and whistleblower protection lawyers, we represent employees who’ve suffered in such situations as having benefits revoked, finding reduced hours or reduced pay, or losing their job.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Our Chula Vista employment law firm and workplace discrimination attorneys work zealously to secure high dollar judgments and settlement awards for victims of workplace discrimination. These unlawful actions can include discriminatory treatment toward an employee because of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or age.Chula Vista Wrongful Temination Attorneys

Wrongful Termination Attorneys

Employment in California is “at will.” This means employees may be released without cause. However, it is illegal if an employer steps outside the law when an employee is terminated. As Chula Vista wrongful termination lawyers, we zealously work to hold employers accountable and financially liable. Call the skilled employment lawyers at Ceartas Legal LLP for immediate assistance if you believe your termination was unlawful. We also represent employees who’ve suffered due to a hostile workplace environment.

Chula Vista Employment Law Firm | Free Consultation

Our employment law lawyers have achieved successful results while representing plaintiff employees involved in employment law disputes in Chula Vista and throughout San Diego. If your employer violates your rights in any way, contact our skilled employment attorneys today. Do not hesitate to discuss your concerns in a confidential, safe environment with our legal professionals. If you delay, you may inadvertently miss the window for filing legal action and your right to monetary compensation may be forfeited. Ceartas Legal is prepared to zealously fight so you’ll be able to focus on getting your life back on track and moving forward.

Please respond with our online employment law case evaluation form. Or, to arrange for a free consultation with our experienced employment law attorneys, call (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 today.


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