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San Diego Disability Discrimination Attorney     

Welcome to Ceartas Legal LLP. One of San Diego's leading employment Law firms, our skilled and caring Disability Discrimination Lawyers will fight vigorously to preserve and protect your right to reasonable accommodations and non-discriminatory treatment in the workplace.

At Ceartas Legal LLP, our employment attorneys started an employee right's law firm after spending years working in employment Defense. This experience has provided us with unique insight into how employers fight cases brought by victims of Disability Discrimination in the workplace. Our lawyers know how to obtain results!

If you are disabled and have been subjected to harassment or discrimination at work, or if your employer refuses to make reasonable accommodations as required under the law, please contact one of the caring and knowledgeable employment Lawyers at Ceartas Legal LLP. Call (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 to speak directly to a San Diego disability discrimination attorney for a free, comprehensive consultation in our office.

California’s Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) set forth protection against Disability Discrimination in the workplace, and require employers to make reasonable accommodations for their disabled workers.

During your consultation, one of our Disability Discrimination Lawyers will meet with you to review the circumstances that brought you to our firm. We will obtain an in-depth understanding of your objectives, and will provide you with an honest and up-front case analysis.

Disability Discrimination cases are taken on contingency. You won't be required to pay any attorney fees until we obtain a judgment or settlement on your behalf.

Conveniently located in Downtown San Diego, the disability discrimination attorneys & disability accommodation lawyers at Ceartas Legal LLP proudly represent clients throughout the county.  

Disability Discrimination Lawyer in San Diego

Under Federal & State law, employers are prohibited from discriminating against potential or current employees who have been diagnosed with either a physical or mental disability. The term "discrimination" is applicable to a wide variety of conduct.

Disability Discrimination includes engaging in employee harassment. Harassment includes but is not limited to making disparaging remarks about the individual's disability, mocking the disabled co-worker, and disseminating demeaning materials regarding the employee's disability.

Employers are forbidden from terminating an employee, or reducing their hours and / or compensation due to a disability.

Additionally, Disability Discrimination also includes the refusal to do the following based solely on a worker's disability:  

If you have been subjected to any of these behaviors, please complete our San Diego employment Law Case Evaluation Form. An attorney will review the information that you give us, and will contact you to make an appointment for your free, personal consultation.

Our San Diego employment Lawyers are skilled negotiators, and will make every reasonable effort to settle your matter fairly and justly. However, if your employer refuses to participate in good faith settlement negotiations, our attorneys possess the experience to take your case to trial and obtain results.

San Diego Disability Accommodation Attorneys

Employers must make reasonable accommodations on behalf of their disabled employees that will allow them to not only carry out their work duties, but also allow the disabled to obtain either the medical or mental health care which they require.

Reasonable Accommodations are defined as:

The primary test with respect to the accommodations requirement is “reasonableness,” particularly with regards to how many individuals work for the employer and the employee’s work duties. Please call a disability accommodation attorney today at (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 for additional information.

Contact an Experienced San Diego Disability Discrimination Lawyer

If you need to find an experienced disability discrimination attorney or disability accommodation lawyer in San Diego, please contact Ceartas Legal LLP today at either (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120. All consultations are complimentary.

Mr. Klawitter or Mr. Keegan will meet with you to review your concerns and determine if you have a viable claim against a current or former employer.

Should you believe that your current or former employer has engaged in disability discrimination or has unjustly refused to provide reasonable disability accommodations, it is crucial that you contact a San Diego employment attorney as soon as possible.

Failure to take legal action within the mandatory timeframe will result in the permanent loss of your right to do so.

Let us put our knowledge and skill to work for you and obtain the compensation to which you are entitled for the harm you have suffered due to harassment or discrimination in the workplace.