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Disability Discrimination Employer Retaliation Employment Misclassification Family Leave & Medical Leave Sexual Harassment Wage Laws & Overtime Laws Whistleblower Protection Workplace Discrimination Wrongful Termination

El Cajon Employment Lawyers | Ceartas Legal

As El Cajon employment law attorneys, we represent employees in legal actions against the unlawful conduct of an employer. Serving clients in El Cajon and throughout Southern California, Ceartas Legal pursues justice and financial compensation for workers in many employment law issues.

If you believe your employer has stepped outside the boundaries of the law regarding disability discrimination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, a wage and overtime dispute, or workplace retaliation, contact our employment law lawyers and take steps toward obtaining the compensation that you deserve.

Contact El Cajon employment attorneys at Ceartas Legal by calling (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 and making an appointment to discuss the specifics of your situation in a free, in-depth consultation. As experienced employment law lawyers at Ceartas Legal, Timothy Keegan and Greg Klawitter, provide skilled legal representation while guiding your employee rights case through the legal system to achieve a successful resolution.El Cajon Disability Discrimination Attorney

During your complimentary consultation, our employment lawyers will conduct a comprehensive case analysis. Ceartas Legal takes these matters on a contingency fee basis. Attorney fees are not charged until a favorable judgement/settlement has been obtained.

Employment Law Attorneys | Employee Rights Lawyers

As seasoned negotiators, we work diligently to preserve the rights of employees. We understand that you work hard to earn a living. We work hard to secure the financial compensation you deserve. Our El Cajon attorneys at Ceartas Legal first make every attempt to settle your employment dispute. In the event a settlement is not reached, our employment attorneys vigorously litigate on your behalf.

We offer experienced legal representation to clients involved in many types of employment matters, including those that follow.

Disability Discrimination Lawyer | Disability Accommodation

Employers must follow federal laws and state laws which prohibit an employer from discriminating against an individual with a disability. These laws apply to both current and prospective employees who have been diagnosed by a physician to have a mental or physical disability. Based upon the disability, employers may not terminate, reduce hours or pay, deny training, deny promotions, deny benefits, deny raises, or deny another form of compensation which is due to the employee. In addition, our disability discrimination attorneys and El Cajon employment lawyers can fight for compensation if you’ve been unlawfully denied the necessary accommodations to perform your job.

Family and Medical Leave Attorney | Legal Leave of AbsenceEl Cajon Medical Leave Attorney

Under certain conditions, employers are required to grant an employee’s request for time off due to medical or family-related matters. Our family and medical leave lawyers will stand up for your rights if your employer has unlawfully retaliated due to a request for leave.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer for Clients in El Cajon, California

If you have endured sexual harassment, contact our experienced sexual harassment attorneys and employment discrimination lawyers today. We are prepared to help you fight against all instances of sexual harassment, including actions related to the demanding of favors, spreading gossip and rumors, threatening job security for an employee’s refusal to participate, unwelcome touching, and more.  

Pay Dispute Attorney | Overtime Dispute Lawyer | Misclassification

If you suspect your employer has misclassified your position, or if your employer is not providing proper compensation, our El Cajon employment law lawyers, pay dispute lawyers and overtime dispute attorneys will fight for your right to proper compensation. Whether your employer is denying you the legal rest breaks or meal periods, failing to pay a legal wage, interfering with your tips, failing to deliver timely pay, or misclassifying your position as an independent contractor, our El Cajon employment law firm is prepared to bring legal action on your behalf.

Whistleblower Protection Attorney El Cajon Whistleblower Protection Attorney

When an employee takes action to report the unlawful behavior of an employer, the employee is legally protected from retaliation. Our whistleblower protection lawyers use these whistleblower laws to bring a lawsuit against the employer.

Employer Retaliation Attorney

It is also against the law for an employer to retaliate when a worker requests time off, files for workers comp, or exercises another right. Retaliation can take many forms, including a reduction of pay, reduced benefits, and reduced hours. Contact our employer retaliation lawyers to discuss your situation.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Federal law protects employees from discrimination at work on the grounds of national origin, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or race. Our El Cajon workplace discrimination attorneys will bring legal action on your behalf which may result in a lawsuit, financial damages, or fines against your employer.

Wrongful Termination Attorney

If you believe your employer has relieved you of your job duties unlawfully, contact our wrongful termination lawyers. We can bring legal action to help you gain the financial compensation you deserve.

Free Consultation with El Cajon Employment LawyersEl Cajon Employment Lawyers

As highly qualified El Cajon employment attorneys, employer retaliation lawyers, and employment discrimination attorneys, and family leave attorneys, we realize the stressful situation in which you are involved. Our employment law lawyers have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a vigorous legal representation designed to achieve results.

Please contact the experienced employment law attorneys at Ceartas Legal to arrange for your free consultation. Call (619) 819-9396 / (619) 819-5120. If you prefer to contact us online, submit your information and we will arrange for your case evaluation. We are dedicated to keeping our clients informed on case progress, and we reply to client inquiries in a timely manner.


When driving from El Cajon City Hall, head west on West Main Street. Take the 8-1 freeway west toward San Diego and merge onto the 125 South. The 125 becomes the 94 West. Exit at Balboa Park/Downtown/M L King Jr. Freeway. Make a left on 17th Street. Turn right on Market Street. Make a right on 1st Avenue. Turn left on West F Street. Ceartas Legal is at 185 West F Street, Suite 430.