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The Encinitas employment law attorneys from Ceartas Legal represent employees exclusively. If you are in Encinitas or anywhere in San Diego County or in Southern California, and you believe your employer is breaking the law, please contact Employment Lawyers Timothy Keegan and Greg Klawitter.

If a company is taking unlawful actions that negatively impact workers (for example, retaliating against an employee, engaging in workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, or not paying overtime properly), our employment law firm may be able to obtain justice for the employees. To arrange for a free consultation and discuss your case, call (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120. We take cases on contingency and do not charge attorney fees until we have successfully pursued the case and gained a favorable outcome.

Encinitas Employment Law Attorneys Timothy Keegan and Greg Klawitter have the skill and experience it takes to provide effective counsel to employees whose rights have been violated or threatened.

Our Encinitas employment law firm is pleased to offer a free initial consultation and thorough case analysis.

Knowledgeable Employment Law Lawyer & Employee Rights Lawyer

Our practice defends client rights through mediation and, when necessary, litigation. We know people work hard, and we believe in providing thorough and effective employee defense to protect client rights. Our Encinitas employment law lawyers zealously fight for the justice to which employees are entitled.

Encinitas Attorneys Klawitter and Keegan accept the full range of employment law disputes and cases.

Disability Discrimination Lawyers | Disability AccommodationsEncinitas Disability Discrimination Attorney

The law requires companies to make reasonable accommodations when they are needed for a person with disabilities to perform their job. If an employer declines to make such modifications or accommodations, they leave themselves open to legal and financial consequences. Employers are also required to allow reasonable accommodation when an employee needs to seek medical care. If an employer has refused to comply with such needs, please call our Encinitas employment attorneys.

Discrimination in the workplace against individuals with a physical or mental disability is prohibited by state and federal law. Contact our Encinitas employment attorneys to learn more. Our disability discrimination attorneys will review your case and offer an evaluation and guidance on the best way to proceed.

Leave Of Absence Requests | Family and Medical Leave Lawyers

Sometimes employees need a leave of absence. There are legally protected types of leave, such as for family-related or medical needs. At Ceartas Legal, our family and medical leave attorneys stand up for the right of employees to request and gain proper leaves of absence. Call our experienced Encinitas employment law lawyers to discuss any questions you have about leave of absence requests.

Pay Dispute Attorneys | Overtime Dispute Attorneys

In some cases, a dishonest employer will attempt to falsify the true nature of a worker’s status. They may designate an employee as an independent contractor or vice versa. This is usually done to avoid paying taxes or other benefits to which the worker would otherwise be entitled. If you suspect your position at work has been inaccurately classified, contact our employment law firm.Encinitas Wage and Overtime Attorney

Employers are legally required to give specific meal periods and breaks to employees. They must also distribute paychecks on time. In cases where an employer is attempting to interfere with tips or already has interfered, our wage and hour lawyers are ready to offer assistance. Call our qualified Encinitas overtime dispute lawyers to discuss questions you have about overtime. Pay Dispute Lawyers Keegan and Klawitter have the experience needed to successfully pursue justice in behalf of employees.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Do you suspect you are being sexually harassed at work? Call either (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 to discuss the matter with one of our knowledgeable Encinitas sexual harassment attorneys. Many incidents and behaviors can be construed as sexual harassment. This includes threatening someone with loss of employment if they do not comply with requests for sexual favors, spreading sexual rumors, unwanted contact or touching, and more.

Whistleblower Protection Attorneys for Encinitas, California

In instances of an employer engaging in unethical behavior, an employee may become aware of it and wish to report it to the authorities. Whistleblower laws protect the right of employees to report unlawful activity without fear of retaliation by the employer. To find out more, call our whistleblower protection lawyers.

Employer Retaliation Attorneys

When an employer takes action against an employee after the worker has filed for workers comp, asked for family or medical leave, or exercised another legally protected right, this is called employer retaliation. This type of behavior is illegal. If your company or boss has tried to lower wages, hours, or benefits in response to a lawful employee action, our attorneys may be able to help.Encinitas Wrongful Termination Attorneys

Skilled Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against any employee due to race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, marital status, or any other protected status. To discuss questions you may have about discrimination in the workplace, call Ceartas Legal and speak with one of our workplace discrimination attorneys.

Wrongful Termination Attorneys for Encinitas, CA

If a worker is laid off or is fired from their job, and it was possibly due to an illegal reason, please consult with our Encinitas wrongful termination lawyer.

Schedule a Consultation with our Encinitas Employment Lawyer

To discuss your employment law questions with our experienced Encinitas wage and hour attorneys, family leave attorneys, employer retaliation lawyers, or employment discrimination lawyers, call our law firm. We focus on gaining justice for employees that have been unfairly treated. We are proud of our record of success.

Call our skilled employment law lawyers at (619) 819-9396 or at (619) 819-5120. Our confidential, online case evaluation and contact form can also be used to get in touch with us. After we receive and review your form, we will contact you to schedule a free consultation appointment. Our employment discrimination attorneys, family leave lawyers, and employee rights attorneys are ready to discuss your case and start working towards a positive outcome.


When travelling to our employment law firm from the area near Encinitas City Hall, first go north on South Vulcan Avenue. Turn right onto Encinitas Boulevard. Take the 5 South. Exit at Front Street. Turn left at West F Street. Look on the right for our office at 185 West F Street.

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