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La Jolla Employment Lawyer | Ceartas Legal

La Jolla Employment Attorneys at Ceartas Legal are extensively experienced and well qualified to protect employee rights in La Jolla, San Diego, and Southern California.

Devoted to representing plaintiff employees, the employment attorneys at our law firm offer knowledgeable legal representation and advice to clients regarding a variety of employment law matters.

If you have experienced disability discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace retaliation, or are in the middle of a wage or overtime dispute, our employment law attorneys may be able to help you gain just and fair compensation.

Call our La Jolla employment law firm at (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation with one of our respected employment law lawyers. Caring and knowledgeable Employment Attorneys Timothy Keegan and Greg Klawitter have the experience and skill needed to obtain positive results in employment law disputes.

At your no-cost consultation, one of our employment law lawyers shall carefully review the circumstances of your case and provide a thorough and honest analysis. We accept employment law cases on contingency, not charging any attorney’s fees until we have achieved a favorable outcome.

Employment Attorneys for La Jolla | Employee Representation

Our employment lawyers are experienced and seasoned negotiators. At Ceartas Legal, we first make every sensible effort to settle an employment law case. In the event that a client’s employer is unreasonable or unwilling to participate in the settlement negotiations, our La Jolla Employment Law Lawyers are well prepared to take the case to litigation.La Jolla Disability Discrimination Attorney

The employment lawyers at the law firm of Ceartas Legal provide representation and counsel on a range of employment law disputes, including the following matters.

Skilled Disability Discrimination Attorneys

Our employment discrimination lawyers provide knowledgeable legal advice to current or former employees who have been subjected to workplace disability discrimination due to a mental or physical condition. The disability discrimination lawyers and employment discrimination attorneys at Ceartas Legal also offer representation to disabled individuals whose employers refuse to take reasonable measures for accommodation, and therefore prevent the disabled individual from either obtaining necessary medical care or performing work duties.

Knowledgeable Family and Medical Leave Attorneys

Under California law, qualified employees must be allowed medical or family leave when requested. If an employer wrongfully denies an individual the right to medical or family leave, or if the employer takes retaliatory action against the employee after they have requested leave, please contact Ceartas Legal’s family and medical leave lawyers. Our family leave attorneys and medical leave lawyers are ready to answer your questions.La Jolla Wage and Overtime Attorney

Zealous Sexual Harassment Lawyers

If you have suffered workplace sexual harassment, the employment law attorneys at our law firm can assist you in fighting back! A broad range of conduct can constitute sexual harassment, including distributing sexually explicit material, spreading rumors about an employee’s sexual activity or sexuality, unwelcome touching, and making threats towards an individual for refusal to give in to demands for any type of sexual favor. Our La Jolla employment attorneys and sexual harassment attorneys fight aggressively to gain justice for mistreated employees.

Pay Dispute Lawyers | Overtime Dispute Attorneys

If you are embroiled in an overtime or wage dispute with an employer, have possibly been the object of independent contractor misclassification / employee misclassification, or were denied proper rest breaks or meal breaks, let our team of La Jolla employment law attorneys, pay dispute attorneys, and overtime dispute attorneys put our knowledge of wage and overtime laws to work for you.

The La Jolla Employment Law Lawyers and wage and hour attorneys at Ceartas Legal have extensive experience assisting plaintiff employees in obtaining the maximum financial compensation due under the law. Please contact our firm and speak with one of our skilled wage and hour lawyers.

Whistleblower Protection Lawyers & Employer Retaliation Lawyers

Laws that protect whistleblowers are designed for employees who have stepped forward and reported fraudulent or illegal employer conduct. Federal and state law prohibit an employer from taking retaliatory actions against an employee who has exercised a legal right such as requesting a leave of absence or filing a workers compensation claim.La Jolla Whistleblower Protection Attorney

Please contact one of the La Jolla employment law attorneys, employer retaliation attorneys, or whistleblower protection attorneys from our law firm if you have suffered retaliation in the workplace. Retaliatory action on the part of the employer may include reducing pay, or cancelling employee benefits, and other actions.

If you have been subjected to workplace retaliation, please call one of our experienced attorneys to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Workplace Discrimination Attorneys for La Jolla, California

Workplace discrimination that is based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or national origin is illegal. An employer who discriminates in this manner, or who refuses to take action regarding other employees who are discriminated against, may be liable to extensive fines and financial damages at the hands of one of our skilled workplace discrimination lawyers.

The employment law lawyers at Ceartas Legal have obtained many high-dollar, favorable judgments and settlements in workplace discrimination cases.

Assistance from Wrongful Termination AttorneysLa Jolla Wrongful Temination Attorneys

An employer can be held financially accountable for wrongfully terminating an employee. For questions regarding whether your termination was legal and if you may have grounds for legal actions against a former employer, call us or fill out our online case evaluation form. We will review your information and contact you in order to schedule a no-charge consultation.

Free Consultation at our La Jolla Employment Law Firm

At Ceartas Legal, our family leave lawyers and employment law attorneys understand the type of stress that can occur during an employer / employee dispute. We therefore aggressively fight to protect your rights and resolve the case quickly.

Our La Jolla employment lawyers provide individualized legal representation, making sure to respond to client communications punctually and keep clients up to date on case developments. If you want answers from an experienced employment attorney who is attentive to the needs of your case, please call the attorneys at Ceartas Legal.

We have had the privilege of successfully representing hundreds of employees in San Diego and the surrounding areas. If experience and results are important to you, call the seasoned team of employment law lawyers at Ceartas Legal at (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 to schedule an in-depth, free consultation.


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