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Mira Mesa Employment Law Lawyers | Ceartas Legal LLP

Mira Mesa employment lawyers with the employment law firm of Ceartas Legal LLP, are focused on representing plaintiff employees in the San Diego area and throughout Southern California. We are highly experienced at fighting for our clients’ rights in many types of employment law disputes.

Have you suffered sexual harassment, workplace retaliation, disability discrimination, or have you been denied a legal wage or overtime pay? Our Mira Mesa employment lawyers have the requisite skills to help achieve justice and financial compensation on your behalf.

Please call Ceartas Legal at (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 to schedule a free consultation with employment attorneys Greg Klawitter and Timothy Keegan. Our knowledgeable and caring Mira Mesa employment law lawyers will review the details of your situation and provide an honest assessment of your case.

As an experienced employment law firm, we take these matters on contingency. Clients are not charged unless our skilled employment attorneys obtain a judgment or settlement on the client’s behalf.

Employee Representation | Mira Mesa Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers at the Mira Mesa employment law firm of Ceartas Legal have experience in many types of employment law matters. Because we formerly worked to defend employers in these matters, we have a unique perspective and we understand tactics deployed by the other side.

As seasoned negotiators, our employment law attorneys first make all efforts to settle the case. However, when a former or current employer remains unwilling to participate, we have the skills required to bring the matter to court. Our Mira Mesa Employment law lawyers are dedicated to helping clients achieve the maximum compensation for harms suffered in the workplace.

The skilled employment lawyers with Ceartas Legal represent clients in many practice areas, including:

Disability Discrimination AttorneysMira Mesa Disability Discrimination Attorney

Employers are prohibited from using an individual’s disability as a factor for discrimination, and employers must reasonably accommodate disabled workers in the workplace. Our knowledgeable disability discrimination lawyers protect the rights of disabled individuals and fight for compensation when workers have been denied acceptable workplace accommodations.

Employer Retaliation Lawyers

Employers cannot take retaliatory actions against an employee who was exerting a legal right in the workplace. Our Mira Mesa employer retaliation attorneys protect the rights of clients who have suffered due to requesting leave, filing a claim for Workers Comp benefits, taking a leave of absence, reporting unlawful employer conduct, or being a participant to an investigation or legal proceeding on employer activities conducted by an authoritative agency.

Family and Medical Leave AttorneysMira Mesa Medical Leave Attorney

In California, employers must permit a worker with certain circumstances to have the opportunity for family leave or medical leave when requested. In qualifying situations, the employer may require verification by a physician to show the leave is necessary. Our Family and Medical Leave Lawyers represent individuals who have been denied these rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Employees have the right to a workplace free of sexual harassment, which has a broad definition. Sexual harassment can include actions of disseminating explicit materials, demanding sexual favors, engaging in the spreading of rumors, unwelcome touching, and suggestive remarks. If you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work, contact our sexual harassment attorneys. Ceartas Legal zealously fights for clients to achieve justice!Mira Mesa Wage and Overtime Attorney

Pay Dispute Lawyers and Overtime Dispute Attorneys

Whether your dispute involves an overtime or wage claim, or if you believe your job has been misclassified, or your meal breaks or rest periods have been denied, contact the skilled overtime dispute lawyers and pay dispute attorneys at Ceartas Legal. We have extensive experience handling wage and hour disputes, and have successfully obtained maximum compensation for our clients when an employer fails to follow federal and state pay laws.

Whistleblower Protection Lawyers

When an employee steps forward to report the unlawful actions of an employer, the employee is protected by law from employer retaliation. Our Mira Mesa employment attorneys and whistleblower protection attorneys represent employees who have suffered when an employer revokes benefits, reduces pay, encourages or engages in harassment, or terminates an employee who makes a report to the authorities.Mira Mesa Whistleblower Protection Attorney

Workplace Discrimination Attorneys

Our experienced Mira Mesa employment attorneys and workplace discrimination lawyers have successfully secured many high dollar awards for workplace discrimination victims. Workplace discrimination includes discriminatory treatment due to a person’s gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, or race. Our skilled employment law attorneys fight for our clients’ rights to compensation when an employer supports the discrimination of an employee or refuses to address the discrimination of an employee by co-workers. We help clients fight back!

Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Even though employers in California may release employees “at will,” there are many circumstances in which an employee can bring legal action for wrongful termination. Our wrongful termination attorneys and employment lawyers work zealously to hold employers financially liable if firing an employee steps outside the law. If you were laid off or fired and you believe your firing was illegal, call our Mira Mesa Employment Law Lawyers for assistance. Employers are also prohibited from encouraging a hostile workplace environment designed to make the employee resign.Mira Mesa Wrongful Temination Attorneys

Mira Mesa Employment Lawyers | Skilled Legal Counsel

Our experienced Mira Mesa employment law attorneys have a successful record of achieving results for plaintiff employees in the San Diego area. If an employer has denied your rights, contact Ceartas Legal today. By hesitating, you may be waiving your rights to compensation. We are prepared to fight zealously so you can focus on moving forward with life.

Please submit the Mira Mesa Employment Law Case Evaluation Form. Or, call (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 to arrange a personal, free consultation with a Mira Mesa employment law attorney today.


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