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Disability Discrimination Employer Retaliation Employment Misclassification Family Leave & Medical Leave Sexual Harassment Wage Laws & Overtime Laws Whistleblower Protection Workplace Discrimination Wrongful Termination

Vista Employment Law Lawyers | Ceartas Legal

The Vista employment law attorneys at Ceartas Legal represent employees in matters involving illegal employer conduct. We provide reliable legal counsel for clients in Vista, San Diego County, and all over Southern California. Our employment law firm pursues employee justice and proper compensation in a wide range of employment law issues.

Has your employer engaged in behavior that may be unlawful? If you believe you or your fellow employees have been subjected to wage and overtime violations, workplace discrimination, workplace retaliation, or sexual harassment, please call our employment law attorneys to discuss the situation and how to gain proper compensation.

Our Vista employment lawyers can be reached at (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 to make an appointment for a no-fee consultation. Our knowledgeable Vista attorneys will discuss your case and the available options to gain a positive resolution. The Vista employment law lawyers from Ceartas Legal offer reliable representation to individuals whose employers have violated their rights.

Our consultations include a detailed case analysis from an experienced employment attorney. Our Vista employment law firm accepts employment law cases on contingency. We do not assess any attorney fees until your case has been favorably resolved.

Employment Law Lawyers & Employee Rights Attorneys

We are seasoned negotiators who work devotedly to protect employee rights. You work hard for a living, and we work diligently to make sure clients receive the compensation they deserve. At Ceartas Legal, our Vista lawyers first attempt to settle employment disputes. If a settlement agreement cannot be reached by both parties, our Vista employment lawyers begin vigorous litigation efforts to gain justice in behalf of workers.

Our law firm provides reliable legal representation and counsel to individuals facing a wide array of employment matters:

Disability Discrimination Attorneys and Disability AccommodationsVista Disability Discrimination Attorney

State and federal law forbids employers from discriminating against employees with disabilities. This means current and possible future employees cannot be discriminated against for a diagnosed physical or mental disability. Employers are prohibited from terminating, reducing hours or pay, denying training, denying promotions, denying benefits, denying raises, or denying any other compensation because of an employee’s disability.

In addition, if your employer has denied the accommodations that are necessary to complete your job, our Vista employment attorneys and disability discrimination lawyers will fight to gain financial compensation.

Leave of Absence | Family and Medical Leave Lawyers

There are certain situations in which an employer is required to allow an employee time off for family or medical reasons. The family and medical leave attorneys at Ceartas Legal stand up for the rights of employees if an employer has unlawfully denied leave or retaliated for requesting leave.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys for Vista, California

Have you experienced workplace sexual harassment? If so, please call our sexual harassment lawyers and employment discrimination attorneys. Our employment law firm fights for client rights in all types of sexual harassment. We stand up for employees who have been subjected to the demand for sexual favors, inappropriate gossip and rumors, unwelcome touching, threats of job loss for not granting sexual favors, and more.Vista Wage and Hour Lawyers | Ceartas Legal

Overtime Dispute Attorneys | Pay Dispute Lawyers

Has your employer misclassified your job? If an employer has wrongly classified your position as an independent contractor or as an employee, our Vista employment law attorneys and wage and hour attorneys may be able to help. If your employer fails to pay proper compensation, does not provide appropriate rest breaks and meal periods, or refuses to pay in a timely manner, our pay dispute attorneys and overtime dispute lawyers can fight for your rights. In instances where an employer interferes with employee tips or takes other unfair and unlawful actions, our Vista employment law firm and wage and hour attorneys are ready to pursue justice in behalf of workers.

Whistleblower Protection Lawyers

If you have reported unlawful behavior that an employer has engaged in, you are legally protected from employer retaliation by whistleblower laws. Call our whistleblower protection attorneys to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit against an offending employer.

Employer Retaliation LawyersVista Workplace Discrimination Attorney

If an employee is retaliated against for requesting time off, filing for workers compensation, or exercising another right, this constitutes unlawful behavior on the part of the employer. Any retaliatory action is prohibited by law, including reducing benefits, pay, or hours. Please call our firm to discuss your case in detail.

Workplace Discrimination Attorneys

Employees are protected from workplace discrimination by federal law. If an employer discriminates against a worker on the basis of age, religion, gender, national origin, race, or sexual orientation, our Vista workplace discrimination lawyers may be able to take legal action against the employer. We work to gain financial damages in behalf of employees.

Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Have you been let go from your job for unlawful reasons? If so, please call our Vista wrongful termination attorneys. We provide representation and counsel to help clients gain the justice and compensation they are due.

Free Initial Consultation with Vista Employment Attorney

Our qualified Vista employment lawyers, employer retaliation attorneys, employment discrimination lawyers, and family leave lawyers realize that employment disputes are stressful. Our compassionate and knowledgeable employment law attorneys are able to vigorously defend your rights, and we have a reputation for using strategies that win favorable judgments and settlements.

Call our skilled employment law lawyers and family leave attorneys to schedule a no-charge consultation. We can be reached at either (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120. We can also be reached through the online case evaluation form. We are pleased to maintain good client communication and provide regular case updates.


If you are driving from the area near Vista City Hall to our law office, begin by going southeast on Civic Center Drive. Get on the 78 West. Take the 5 South towards downtown. Exit at Civic Center. At West F Street, turn left. We are on the right, at 185 West F Street.