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Welcome to Ceartas Legal LLP. Our experienced Employment Lawyers are dedicated employee advocates who fight to preserve and protect the rights of clients in a broad range of employment law disputes, including those pertaining to Wage Law & Overtime Law violations.

If your employer is in violation of either State or Federal pay laws, contact San Diego Wage & Overtime Violation Attorneys at Ceartas Legal LLP immediately by calling (619) 819-9396 or (619) 819-5120 for a free consultation.

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At Ceartas Legal LLP our attorneys understand that some companies are willing to go to extreme measures to avoid compensating their employers according to the law. We will work with you to craft a case that will ensure that you obtain all of the monies to which you are entitled.

Failure to file an action against your employer in a timely manner will result in the permanent waiver of your right to sue for monetary damages. As a result, it is crucial that you call an Employment Attorney as soon as possible who will fight for you and help you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Conveniently located in Downtown San Diego, we represent employees throughout the County. Call today to learn how we can put our knowledge to work for you.

Wage & Overtime Violation Lawyers in San Diego

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and California Law set forth guidelines with which employers must comply regarding employee compensation. These laws cover the following compensation related issues:

Under the law, all non-exempt employees must be paid according to minimum wage guidelines for every hour that is worked.  In addition to regular hours, wage earners are also entitled to time and a half when they work more than 8 hours in a shift, as well as the first 8 hours worked on a 7th consecutive day. Double time is due for each hour worked beyond 12 hours during a single shift, and all hours worked beyond the first 8 on a 7th consecutive work day.

For those whose jobs require that they work non-traditional work days, such as employees who put in 40 hours in a four day work week, they are not entitled to receive overtime pay unless they work more than their regular 40 hours per week.

When overtime is earned, employers must remit payment to their workers along with their regular wages on the next payday. Refusal or failure to do so is in violation of the law, and employers can be fined.

If an employee is terminated, they are entitled to their final check at the time of termination. This must include all unused paid vacation time.

When an employee voluntarily quits without giving any notice, they must receive their final check within 3 days. Those who provide notice to their employer are entitled to their last check on their final day of work. Failure to comply with these requirements may also result in additional fines for every day that the employee’s final check is late, up to an additional 30 days of pay.

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