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Over 25 Years Experience in California Employment Law

California and federal laws establish rights as a worker. At Ceartas Legal LLP, we can help you protect those rights.

Your Rights As A Worker Are Worth Protecting

When you are discriminated against, harassed, denied proper wages or otherwise hurt by your employer, you deserve the opportunity to seek justice. The word ceartas means justice in gaelic. Our name is one sign of our commitment to fighting for California workers. Our long record of success in protecting the rights of employees and punishing companies who violate them is another sign.

Construction worker

Disability Discrimination

Employers must make reasonable accommodations as required under the law for workers with physical or mental disabilities.

End Disability

Woman being harassed by two coworkers

Sexual Harassment

Harassing behavior based on sex or gender is still alarmingly common. Workers should not have to suffer this pain.

Stop Sexual

Office worker with her belongings after being unfairly fired

Employer Retaliation

Some employers seek to punish workers who assert their rights. Retaliation can discourage workers from coming forward when it goes unpunished.

Assert Your

Suspicious Caucasian worker looking upset at african american colleague

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination can take many forms. Employers must be prevented from targeting workers who have done nothing wrong.


Mother walking with daughter and handicapped son

FMLA Violations

The Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act help workers deal with serious issues. Employers cannot punish you for that.

Know Your
FMLA Rights

Our Experienced Employment Law Attorneys Will Protect Your Rights

Experienced And Knowledgeable Counsel

Our attorneys began their careers in employment law representing defendant employers. Employers who were accused of violating their workers’ rights sought them out. Before long, both decided that they were on the wrong side. They founded Ceartas Legal LLP to use their experience to fight only for employees. Now they can use the knowledge they gained in those early years to fight for the people they believe in.

“…The entire staff at Ceartas Legal was helpful in explaining the legal process every step of the way. The case went to trial and the result was a positive one for me and my family. Though the process was lengthy and draining, Mr. Klawitter and Mr. Keegan did not waiver in their commitment to my case. I have recommended Ceartas Legal to colleagues in need of their expertise and will continue to do so.”

Defending Your Rights As A Worker

The law can protect you, but it doesn’t happen automatically. You need a skilled employment law attorney on your side to preserve those rights. Our lawyers have the skill and drive to hold your employer accountable for what they put you through.