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California’s Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibit disability discrimination in the workplace, and require employers to make reasonable accommodations for their disabled workers.

Disability discrimination cases are taken on contingency.  You won’t pay any attorney fees until we obtain a judgment or settlement on your behalf.

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Disability Discrimination Lawyer in San Diego

Under Federal & State law, employers are prohibited from discriminating against potential or current employees who have been diagnosed with either a physical or mental disability.

Employers are forbidden from terminating an employee, or reducing their hours and / or compensation due to a disability.

Additionally, disability discrimination also includes the refusal to do the following due to a worker’s disability:

Woman in wheelchair | Disability Discrimination

  • Hire
  • Award Equal Pay or Compensation, including Merit Raises or Bonuses
  • Provide Benefits that other Employees Receive
  • Provide the Opportunity for Promotion
  • Provide Training that is Available to Other Employees

If you have been subjected to any such conduct, please complete our Case Evaluation Form. An attorney will review the information, and will contact you to discuss your situation.

Our San Diego employment lawyers are skilled negotiators, and will make every reasonable effort to settle your matter fairly and justly. However, if your employer refuses to pay you the compensation you deserve, our attorneys possess the experience to take your case to trial and obtain results.