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Skilled Employer Retaliation Attorney in San Diego

Under the law, employers are prohibited from engaging in retaliation or harassment against an individual who has filed a complaint, assisted with a regulatory or criminal investigation looking into the employer’s actions, or was assertive in demanding legal protections to which they or others are entitled. Examples of protected rights include but aren’t limited to:

  • Asking an Employer to Make Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Employees
  • Cooperating in an Investigation into Illegal or Fraudulent Business Practices
  • Filing an EEOC or Fair Employment and Housing Act Complaint
  • Requesting or Taking Family or Medical Leave
  • Refusal to Comply with Employer Demands to Engage in Unlawful Business Practices / Activity
  • Reporting an Employer’s Refusal to Provide Mandatory Breaks
  • Reporting an Employer’s Unlawful Denial of Family / Medical Leave
  • Reporting Safety Violations to OSHA and other Regulatory Authorities
  • Reporting Wage / Overtime Violations to the Labor Board
  • Requesting / Taking Meal or Rest Breaks
  • Right to Receive Wage & Overtime Pay in Accordance with State and Federal Laws
  • Testifying against your Employer During Legal Proceedings

If you believe that your employer or former employer retaliated against you in any of these ways, it is essential that you retain a qualified, experienced employment lawyer.