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State and Federal laws broadly define sexual harassment.  California law prohibits any form of harassment at work based on gender/sex or any other protected characteristic.

Conduct that constitutes sexual harassment may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Demanding Sexual Acts in Return for Additional Hours, Pay, etc.
  • Discussing a Co-Worker’s Sexual Activities with Others
  • Emailing Material of a Sexual Nature
  • Emailing Pornographic Material
  • Inappropriate and Unwanted Touching
  • Leering at Another
  • Making Disparaging Comments of a Sexual Nature
  • Making Disparaging Remarks about a Co-Worker’s Sexual Orientation
  • Making Unwanted Sexual Advances
  • Openly Displaying Pornographic or Sexual Images
  • Spreading Rumors about a Co-Worker’s Sexual Activities
  • Threatening to Take Retaliatory Action for Refusing to Provide Sexual Acts

If you have experienced any such conduct, contact San Diego sexual harassment attorneys at Ceartas Legal LLP as soon as possible.

If a coworker, boss, third party vendor, or any individual with whom the victim has a working business relationship makes sexually explicit comments to you, touches you in a sexual manner, propositions you, or acts in any way that may be construed as sexual in nature, you do NOT have to tolerate this offensive, harmful and unacceptable conduct!

The Fair Employment and Housing Act in California (the “FEHA”) makes no distinction between sexual harassment based on gender. Perpetrators may be male or female, the victims of sexual harassment may be male or female, and sexual harassment may occur between males & females, females & females, and males & males. ANY sexual harassment in the workplace, regardless of gender or sexuality, is prohibited.